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Ginger is a spice widely used in Asian cuisine. It can be found in many forms, pureed, marinated in thin slices, marinated in strips or in sauces. It is particularly appreciated with sushis.

Fun Fact

Ginger can be used to reset your palates between two types of sushi.


Ginger (60.53%), water, sugar, vinegar (5.3%), salt.

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Informations nutritionnelles pour 100g

  • Calories : 424kJ/100kcal
  • Matières grasses : 0 g
  • Dont saturés : 0 g
  • Glucides : 25g
  • Dont sucres : 16g
  • Protéines : 0g
  • Sel : 1,2g


Peut également contenir des traces d’oeufs, cacahuètes et fruits à coques.